Lighting Bundle – Uplights Package 2 (Advanced)


Introducing our Advanced Uplights Package, the ultimate solution for elevating your event’s atmosphere with precision and control. This package includes ten high-quality LED Uplights, each meticulously crafted to cast vibrant hues and seamlessly enhance any space.

Paired with a sophisticated lighting controller and all necessary cables, this package offers unparalleled versatility and ease of use. With the ability to command colour on demand and synchronize all lights for a cohesive display, you have complete control over the ambience of your event.

Whether you’re orchestrating a wedding, concert, or corporate gala, our Advanced Uplights Package empowers you to create immersive environments that captivate and delight your guests. Elevate your event to the next level with dynamic lighting that transforms any venue into a breathtaking experience.

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Equipment Included:

  • 10x LEDJ Event Spot RGBW MKII Uplights
  • 9x XLR 1m
  • 1x XLR 10m
  • 9x Powercon to Powercon, 1M
  • 2x 13 Amp 230V to Powercon, 1M
  • Obey 40 DMX Controller

Includes Setup of equipment at the venue when booked with delivery.

Included cables allow lights to be spaced 1m apart. 2 mains leads are supplied along with a 10m XLR Data cable to allow users to split the lights into 2 groups. If you need different spacing please contact us upon making your booking.