PW-1018-SUB MKII Passive PA Woofer


Top Features:

  • Passive PA subwoofer, with a powerful 45.7 cm (18″) subwoofer in a bass reflex housing
  • Powerful 600 watts RMS output power – corresponds to 1200 W max.
  • Connection options: Speakon input, Speakon output, stereo screw terminal input and two 6.3 mm jack inputs
  • Suitable for transport: sturdy wooden housing and recessed bar carrying handles on the side
  • Stage professional: wear-resistant construction with protective corners, felt cover, protective grille and integrated standard stand flange

Rental period

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The power of the bass: with the Auna Pro PW-1018-SUB MKII passive PA subwoofer, you can make the walls shake at parties and events.

Each driven by a powerful amplifier, the auna Pro PW-1018-SUB MKII PA woofers achieve a powerful 600-watt RMS power – equivalent to 1200 W max. This not only makes the local soundscape vibrate, but it can also heat up all kinds of events and celebrations. The huge 45.7 cm (18″) woofers provide booming bass that gets under your skin. Thanks to the durable and reliable components, the subs prove themselves in regular use, while the solid construction in sturdy MDF wooden housings with protective corners, felt and speaker protective grills make the boxes ideally suited for mobile stage operation. The necessary transport is simplified by recessed grips, while a standard flange on the top enables uncomplicated stage construction with additional boxes for a coherent full-range experience.


Passive speaker: requires an amplifier