SSB7074 Passive PA Woofer 15″


Top Features:

  • Passive PA subwoofer, with a powerful 15″ subwoofer in a bass reflex housing
  • Powerful 600 watts RMS output power – corresponds to 1200 W max.
  • Connection options: Speakon input, stereo screw terminal input and two 6.3 mm jack inputs
  • Suitable for transport: sturdy wooden housing and recessed bar carrying handles on the side
  • Stage professional: wear-resistant construction with protective corners, felt cover, protective grille and integrated standard stand flange

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A compact 1200W subwoofer, engineered to offer a wonderful clarity of bass frequencies, producing dynamic basses in the range of the rumbling bass frequencies 30Hz-300Hz. You can feel the vibration. A Low resonance due to the solid and rugged cabinet. A perfect subwoofer for use in discos, clubs, pubs, large home video applications etc..


Key Features
Large 15 Inch Woofer
1200 Watt Max Power
8 Ohm Impedance
Deep Resonance-Free Bass
Acoustic Carpet Covering and Top-Hat


Passive speaker: requires an amplifier

Additional information

Weight 16.5 kg
Dimensions 37 × 56.5 × 48.5 cm