Ultimate Lighting Package


Transform your event with our Ultimate Lighting Add-On Package. This setup includes:

  • 2 LED Moving Washes for vibrant color washes
  • 4 LED Moving GOBO Beams for dynamic patterns
  • 4 LED Pars for versatile, intense lighting
  • Smoke Machine for atmospheric effects

All are mounted on an adjustable winch-up lighting bridge and controlled with an easy-to-use Android lighting controller. Perfect for any event, this package ensures a stunning visual experience with minimal effort.

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Elevate your event to the next level with our Ultimate Lighting Add-On Package, designed to create a mesmerizing visual experience for any occasion. This comprehensive lighting setup includes:

  • 2 LED Moving Washes: Illuminate your venue with vibrant, dynamic colour washes that can smoothly transition and blend to create stunning effects. These moving washes are perfect for highlighting key areas or adding depth to your lighting design.
  • 4 LED Moving GOBO Beams: Add drama and excitement with precision-engineered GOBO beams. These fixtures project customizable patterns and shapes, creating eye-catching visuals that can move and shift throughout your event.
  • 4 LED Pars: Versatile and powerful, these LED Pars offer intense, consistent lighting. Ideal for uplighting, stage lighting, or accenting specific features, they bring a versatile splash of colour and brightness to your setup.
  • Smoke Machine: Enhance the atmosphere with a professional-grade smoke machine, producing a haze that makes light beams and effects more visible and impressive. Perfect for creating a captivating, immersive environment.

All components are mounted on a sturdy, adjustable winch-up lighting bridge, allowing you to easily raise and position the lights for optimal coverage and impact.

Control the entire setup effortlessly with our user-friendly Android lighting controller. This intuitive interface lets you manage colours, movements, and effects with just a few taps, ensuring a seamless integration into your event’s flow.

Whether you’re hosting a concert, wedding, corporate event, or party, our Ultimate Lighting Add-On Package provides the tools you need to create an unforgettable experience.


Price includes setup of equipment at the venue when booked with delivery.

Recommended for use with a PA Bundle.