Wireless Microphone Bundle – 4 Beltpacks


Introducing our versatile Wireless Microphone Bundle, ideal for dynamic audio environments. This bundle includes a 4 Channel Receiver Rack, ensuring dependable audio clarity and performance. It features 4 Beltpack Transmitters, each paired with Lapel and Headband microphones to suit various applications. To keep the equipment powered and ready, the package comes with 16 rechargeable AA batteries and an 8-way charger. Elevate your sound setup with this reliable and efficient wireless microphone system.

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Bundle includes:

  • 4x W Audio DTM600 V2 Beltpack Transmitter (Inc Lapel & Headband)
  • 1x W Audio DTM600 V2 Mic Rack – 4 Channels
  • 4x 2M XLR Cables
  • 16 AA Rechargeable Batteries 2800mAh (Includes 8-way charger)